Remember the discussions you had with your parents when growing up? I recall many conversations during high school about boys, dates, and plans for college. These kinds of family discussions made for exciting times when planning a wedding or purchasing the first home. It was these family “Talks” that helped set the path ahead.

Now many years later, it may be time for adult kids to have the “Talk” with their parents about their goals and plans as they age.

What are your parents’ plans for the coming years? If they want to live independently, do they know where? Do they have a financial plan? Do they have legal documents in place, such as power of attorney or a will?

Speaking with your parents about their long-term goals can be a challenge. How do you start?

“Hey, Mom and Dad, what do you want as you grow older?”

Some parents may be ok with that straightforward approach, but many may not be.

My next post will be about the why, what, and when of “The Talk”.