Your Health Navigator will work with you to design a personalized plan

“Ho’okele” means “Navigator” in Hawaiian

Dealing with healthcare and senior care issues can be like trying to find your way through a maze. You are faced with complicated medical situations and unfamiliar terminology and trying to make sense of confusing information from different sources. It’s not uncommon to feel disoriented and stressed by the sheer amount of data you are dealing with.

When you feel lost and overwhelmed, an RN Navigator can provide an experienced, educated partner who provides clear explanations and insights, and advocates for YOUR best interests.

“I really was taken aback by my mother’s onset of dementia. I felt lost and without resources on how and where to begin. Ho’okele provided me with invaluable information. They were compassionate and very professional.” – R



Professional RN assistance to enhance the individual’s satisfaction with their aging and healthcare experience to assist them to remain safe and healthy at home for as long as possible:

  • Assist with a client-centered assessment and short- and long-term planning with the objective of creating a personalized service plan.
  •  Provide education about the aging process and identify available relevant community resources.
  • Coordinate, schedule and oversee community resources as needed.
  • Review home safety and identify options for needed modifications.
  • Accompany the senior to physician visits and communicate and coordinate with health care providers.
  • Serve as a family liaison to communicate plans, progress and health and provide updates on functional status and changes.
  • Evaluate social interactivity and identify ways to increase engagement.
  • Review financial status and assist with applications for appropriate financing options such as Social Security Disability and Medicaid, VA benefits.
  • Develop a long-term relationship with the client to maintain ongoing safety and independence.


Specialized services performed by a professional RN for elderly clients, adults with acute or chronic medical conditions, and disabled individuals:

  • Oversee medication management, including reconciliations, coordination of medication orders, medication refills, and medication prepours.
  • Assess medically complex individuals who may require home and community-based services such as home care services. (A Veterans Affairs requirement for RN assessments).
  • Facility-based case management – By family request or required by Department of Health for expanded case management.
  • Employee Assistance Programs for senior and medical care coordination.


Assisting seniors, adults with acute illnesses, disabled individuals, and their families with transition between health care institutions and home or long-term care facilities.

  • Provide a comprehensive assessment of the client to determine the appropriate level of care and identify qualifying facilities.
  • Research the appropriate facility choices and schedule tours and visits.
  • Assist with identifying and obtaining appropriate financial assistance.
  • Coordinate the admission process once a facility is selected.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring while client is settled in the facility and offer on-going monitoring by family request.


Ho’okele Home Care’s hourly services are for seniors who want to stay at home but need longer visits to assist with activities of daily living. Our compassionate caregivers help with a personalized plan of care.

Vivia offers a whole new way to experience in-home care. Seniors are paired with a dependable Vivia Team who provide consistent, reliable and frequent services at home.  There are no minimum hours and you only purchase the services you need.