The Talk – Part Two

When planning for The Talk with elderly parents, let’s begin by considering “Why,” “What,” and “When.”

  • Why do you want to know? Simply put, thoughtful, planned decision making is far better than a rushed and emotional reaction when a crisis arises.
  • What information do you need to help? Do you understand their finances? Have they made health care decisions? And who makes decisions for them when your parent cannot?
  • Can they remain in their residence of choice at the time a severe medical condition or accident happens? Who will provide care for your parents? Can they afford professional caregiving?

After a decision has been made, the trick is to make it their idea. Or at least getting them to agree it is a good idea.

You may find that they already planned to speak with you and just did not know how to start.

If you have had the “Talk” please share your tips and ideas.